Skill Development

Skill development should be the main focus for the economy to grow. The early development of skill in youth, as early as school level is very important to groom them for proper job opportunities. The training should be given in such a way that the youth is suitable for jobs in any part of the world. Today the world needs to give importance for all the jobs equally so that there will be balanced growth in all the sectors. Every job aspirant whether he is white collar or blue collar should be given training in soft skills. Soft skill is needed in every area, grooming, etiquette, hygiene, time management, safety, tolerance levels to lead a proper and decent life. Skill development along with the above mentioned grooming areas should reach the rural and remote areas. This will facilitate sophistication and instils the required levels of confidence among the youth. All this will help the individual to manage himself and his job most efficiently.

Skill Development should provide training and support for traditional professions like welders, carpenters, cobblers, masons, blacksmiths, tailoring, nursing and weavers etc. India also needs skilled personnel in various areas like, construction, real estate, textile, transportation, jewellery designing, gem industry, tourism, banking and various other sectors.


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