Skill Development

There should be constant and genuine thinking and steps to reform the opportunities which can be made available for the youth. So, in order to protect and preserve an individual and through him an Institution, we need training – The training that will churn the thinking process in an Individual. If this is extended to an Institutional level, it will as well churn the Institutional thinking, thereby realizing the targeted results.
Just as the earth revolves around itself, we revolve around our own thoughts. We revolve to grow, develop and elevate or deter, diminish and eliminate ourselves. All this happens within the Pandora box – Our Mind! So the mind and body should be trained, groomed and be made to accept the worldly challenges by the youth. Along with the grooming, it is very essential to ensure that the youth accepts responsibility and make it mandatory to work and not remain a waste and idle resource. Idle youth is the biggest burden to the economy. The economy should focus on job creation and social security schemes for the youth. On the other side, make it mandatory for the youth to take up jobs at least for certain fixed period to avail the social security benefits.
The skill India’s course methodology should be made innovative which can include group discussions, games and brain storming sessions, practical field experiences, case studies, other exercises. Skill India has to target its attention on individuals and address areas that are crucial and help them to perform better.
With this new approach towards skill development, the aim should be to reach out to Individuals, students, Institutions, Organizations and the like. The results can be tremendous and India can sky rocket towards its targeted results.

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